About AFA

About AFA

Deliver clarity on correct amounts owed. Ensuring zero overcharges

Backed up by a combined experience of over 15 years, AFA’s consultancy team provides a multi-faceted in-depth analytical review of all lender versus borrower contracts to provide an objective and qualified opinion on the correct amounts owed.
Errors do occur. They may be attributable to faulty banking systems, human error during input of terms into the systems or even dishonesty and lack of disclosure by the lender.

These errors are often substantial.

AFA’s process of analysis ensures that the borrower does not suffer the load of settling debt that is overladen with overcharges. When undetected, such overcharges are a major cause of distress in the form of liquidity crisis, loss of net earnings and auctions or receiverships. The burden of these mistakes is naturally borne by the borrower. This should not be the case.

Our expertise spans across all facility types: Loans, Hire Purchases, Overdrafts, etc covering all lending institutions both regulated and unregulated by The Central Bank.

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